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We bleed orange and green (well, sometimes).

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A meeting ground for UM students to talk about classes, professors, campus life, what do to and where to go. Please limit topics to things involving or relating to UM. If you advertize or promote for a club on campus, that's cool. If you do the same for a club on South Beach, you will be banned. You've been warned.

Keep things civil, guys-- this should be a given. We encourage discussion, not drama. Knowing how quickly one devolves into the other, let it be known that instigators are subject to banning, too.

Created by olivetree (graduated 2004, but still checks in from time to time); mod'ed by vulcanknight84 (class of 2006). vgoas1 is our Master of Memories (which are still under organization, so go easy). Please check them before asking questions-- especially you, you newcoming students, you.

If you're a prospective student, you might want to check out college_help, a great place to ask questions about starting/getting accepted into a college.